Pedro uribe1

Pedro Uribe

Real Name: Pedro Uribe
Aliases: None Known
Wanted For: Drug-Trafficking, Money-Laundering
Missing Since: September 1986


Details: Pedro Uribe was the part of a Medellin Cartel and was the creator of a suburban New Jersey drug ring creating and selling drugs. He was ruthless and ran his drug ring by fear. According to an informant, one of Uribe's couriers lost seventy-five kilos of cocaine. On hearing this, Uribe had his courier and the man's family killed. Shockingly, it later turned out that the courier was innocent and had not lost the cocaine. This made Uribe seem only more frightening and violent to his drug ring members.
In May of 1986, the FBI began a surveillance on Uribe's drug ring and learned that the people involved pretended to be family members and were able to bring in the drugs without suspicion. In the evenings, in order to appear less suspicious, "live-in babysitters" were hired to occupy the homes. Uribe also chose a certain kind of home for his operations; the homes had to have attached garages with automatic garage openers. This would make it easier for drug ring members to move in and out of the homes. Uribe was also part of a money laundering scheme. Low-level members of the scheme would go to banks, giving away fake money in order to get real money from money orders. The FBI also learned that with the drug ring and money laundering schemes, Uribe was able to make over $2 million a week.
On September 3, 1986, the FBI noticed two men with a suspicious amount of boxes arriving at one of the homes. Assuming that there was cocaine in the boxes, they decided to move in on the operation. The next evening, the home was raided and more than 300 kilos of cocaine were found. This cocaine would have been worth more than $7 million on the street. At another home, the FBI found $800,000 in cash hidden in a potted plant.
However, Uribe and his henchmen had been tipped off and vanished prior to the raid. He is now believed to be regularly traveling between the United States and Colombia. He was last sighted in New Jersey in 1989, at a relative's christening. Along with Uribe, his partners Luis and Ivan Arango, other henchman named Miguel Villegas and Hugo Balbin are wanted by police. Uribe is 5'8", has brown hair, brown eyes, and would now be 62 years old.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the March 28, 1990 episode.
Results: Wanted

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