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Rafael Rodriguez

Real Name: Rafael Ignacio Orjuela Rodriguez
Aliases: Gilberto Morales, Wilfredo Rodriguez, Paco
Wanted For: Drug Trafficking
Missing Since: July 1989


Details: In July of 1989, an undercover sting operation led to the arrests of nine suspects allegedly operating a cocaine and heroin ring, with connections in Colombia and Sicily. One of the key figures in the ring, forty-five-year-old Rafael Rodriguez, remains at large. He is a ringleader of a notorious drug cartel which is suspected of trafficking millions of dollars of cocaine and heroin. He has been convicted of cocaine distribution. He previously served seven years in prison in Canada for drug trafficking. He has been sighted in Canada, Miami, and New York City.
Rodriguez is 5'7", 175 pounds, has brown eyes, and dark brown hair which he combs over to cover his receding hairline. He has a prominent mole over his left eyebrow and a tattoo of an anchor on his left arm.
Extra Notes: This originally aired as part of an FBI Alert on January 31, 1990, along with William Slagle.
Results: Wanted