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Ramon Reyes (left) and Louie Velarde

Real Name: Ramon Reyes and Louie Jose Velarde Jr.
Aliases: Suicide, Suicidal (Reyes), Bugsy (Velarde)
Wanted For: Murder and Robbery
Missing Since: October 19, 1992


Details: On October 19, 1992, twenty-six-year-old Ramon Reyes and twenty-year-old Louie Velarde robbed a Ralphs supermarket in Van Nuys, California. During the robbery, Reyes shot and killed twenty-eight-year-old Coca-Cola delivery man Robert Joseph Ward. Robert was talking to his fiancee on a pay phone when he was killed.
Nineteen-year-old getaway driver Jose Santillan later turned himself in and received a twenty-six year sentence for his role in the crime. However, Reyes and Velarde remain at large. A $50,000 reward is being offered. Reyes is 5'11", weighs 170 pounds, has a scar on his right hand, and has a pierced left ear. Velarde is 5'9", weighs 165 pounds, and has tattoos that read "Pacoima" on his back and left forearm, along with a tattoo of a woman's face on his chest.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the January 19, 1994 episode, along with two other robbery cases: Grocery Robbers and Oklahoma City Convenience Store Robbers.
Results: Wanted. In December of 1994, Reyes was arrested at a meat packing plant owned by his family in Durango, Mexico. However, later articles and information from Robert Ward's sister indicate that he is still at large. It is possible that Reyes escaped or was inadvertently released after being arrested in Mexico, which led to him being classified as a wanted fugitive again.
Investigators believe that Reyes and Velarde are both still living in Mexico. As of June 2020, Reyes is still on the LAPD Most Wanted list.