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On this page, I will be submitting requests for things and updates that need to be done or I need help with or that I keep putting off:

  • Episode Identification for:
    • Tracy Jo Shine - vanished before she could testify before her drug-pushing boyfriend
    • Kerry Culberson - missing after fight with her boyfriend who was convicted of her murder
    • Melissa George - an abducted infant from an unidentified city (This might actually be the Melissa Klein case
    • Leo Cisneros - wanted in the murder of Dr. Louis Davidson

(Note: Some of these segments were only attributed as appearing on Unsolved Mysteries; I have no info they actually appeared on the series.)

  • Missing website links for several cases
  • Remove any cases repeated from Season 14 and on already included in above episode list. We now have a tag for cases repeated on Lifetime and on Spike.