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Richard McNair

Real Name: Richard Lee McNair
Aliases: Lee McNair, Lee Richards, Robert Jones, Jimmy Jones
Wanted For: Murder, Attempted Murder, Robbery, Escape
Missing Since: October 9, 1992


Details: In November 1987, Richard McNair murdered Jerome T. "Jerry" Thies, a truck driver, at a grain elevator in North Dakota and injured another man in a botched robbery attempt. In 1988, he pled guilty to the crime and was sentenced to life in prison at a Bismarck, North Dakota penitentiary. He and another inmate tried to escape in April 1991, but their attempt failed.
McNair soon became a model prisoner, being involved in crime prevention programs for local teenagers. Then, on the evening of October 9, 1992, McNair and two other inmates found a weak link in the prison security. They found an air vent in an education room, which they went through and were able to escape after going over several roofs. The two other convicts were soon re-captured, but McNair remains at large.
Investigators believe that he may have stolen a light blue 1990 Chevrolet pickup truck, missing from H.A. Thompson & Sons Plumbing Company, two miles west of the prison. He may have fled to Oklahoma, where his family lives, or to Washington State, where he has a girlfriend.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the November 11, 1992 episode. McNair was also profiled on America’s Most Wanted after his April 2006 escape from prison.
Results: Captured. In December of 1992, the truck McNair used to escape was found abandoned in Phoenix, Arizona. In July of 1993, McNair was finally arrested when he tried to break into a car dealership in Grand Island, Nebraska. He was taken back to North Dakota to continue serving his life sentence.
In April of 2006, McNair escaped from prison again. Fortunately, he was recaptured in Canada in October of 2007. He was then sent back to the United States where he is currently serving two life sentences.