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Real Name: Robert Wilson Miller
Case: Lost Father
Location: Ohio
Date: 1973


Details: Patti English is a hearing impaired woman searching for her birthfather, Robert Wilson Miller. On December 25, 1958, she was brought home from the hospital by her mother, Helen, who was then seventeen. She was premature, which led to her hearing loss. When Helen entered the house, she found Robert, whom she had separated from weeks earlier. He held Patti briefly, but their marriage was doomed; they divorced a few weeks later.
Helen remarried and for several years, Patti believed that her stepfather was her actual father. Then, one day when she was five, she saw a strange man at the door; it was Robert. At first her stepfather refused to let him in, but he eventually allowed him to see her for a few minutes. She remembered him being very nice and friendly to her. He told her that he was her real father; after he left, her stepfather told her that he wasn't.
Years passed and Patti continued to grow up in a house where she was not loved. Then, in 1971, when she was twelve, Robert had found her again. Her junior high school had allowed him to visit her in her classroom. He asked her if he remembered her, but she did not. He gave her a hug and then left with his wife. Her teacher then told her that he was her real father; she ran out of the building to go after him. However, by the time she reached the parking lot, he had left.
When Patti was fourteen, she ran away from home and ended up at a shelter. A social worker soon contacted Robert and he came to visit her. She told him that she wanted to go live with him. He told her that he would try to get a lawyer. However, two days later, she was sent back home. A week later, he came to visit her, but her stepfather threatened him and told him to never come back. Sadly, she never saw him again.
Patti's life improved when she married her husband, James, in 1977. Although they are both deaf, their two children have no hearing problems. Now, she wants to find Robert and reunite with him and his family.

Robert and Patti reunited

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the January 17, 1990 episode.
Results: Solved. Patti's half-sister (who is also named Patti) saw the broadcast and called the telecenter. Two days later, Patti and Robert were reunited. She was also reunited with her half-sister and her half brother, Brad, as well as her step-mother, Opal.
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