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Real Name: Robert F. Trenholm
Aliases: Francis R. Nye; Robert F. Murphy; Robert F. Kostas; John Robert Cahill; Anthony Michael Shea; Tony Shea; Robert Coyne; Robert Carren; Robert Kostros; James Russell
Wanted For: Robbery, Rape, Assault, Escape
Missing Since: 1985


Details: Robert Trenholm is an escaped convict with a record that stretches across four decades, with convictions that included robbery, rape, and assault. In 1955, while jailed in Massachusetts on robbery charges, he and two other inmates took two guards hostage during a daring escape. However, he was captured the next day and sentenced to ten more years in prison. After he was released, Trenholm married and had three children. However, in 1981, he was sent back to prison after raping his own five-year-old daughter.
In 1985, Trenholm once again escaped from a Massachusetts prison. He later turned up in Van Nuys, California where he married a second time. He apparently conned his new wife out of $21,000 and tried to rape her eighteen-year-old daughter. However, before he could be arrested, Trenholm vanished again. He was last seen in Tampa, Florida in December of 1996. Police believe that he is traveling between Florida and California.
Extra Notes: This case first aired as a Special Bulletin on the November 22, 1996 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
Results: Captured. In January of 2002, Trenholm was arrested in Lexington, Kentucky, after seventeen years on the run. Further details are unavailable.