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Real Names: Jacqueline Lynn Edmonds, Carol Frances Fullwood, Chantell Lavero, and Anna Dioria
Aliases: Jacqui (Edmonds)
Wanted For: Theft
Missing Since: December 1986


Details: In February 1986, homicide detectives in Houston investigated the mysterious death of a businessman whose nude body was found in his posh condominium. Autopsy reports were inconclusive, but investigators were puzzled by a strange odor which suggested that the man was poisoned, and by the fact that he was missing his Rolex watch.
Across the country, single men have been approached at bars and nightclubs by enticing, sophisticated young women. They drug the men and take off with thousands of dollars of property. A travel agent from Dallas woke from a drug stupor to find that he had lost more than $6,000. A mayor from Texas was taken for over $25,000. A man from Tulsa was fleeced of $45,000. A man from Los Angeles lost $450,000.
One such drugging took place in Dallas; the victim was approached by a smartly-dressed young woman named Jacqui. She looked like a model. She was, in fact, a twenty-seven-year-old professional thief with warrants for her arrest in five different cities. She was drawn to her victim by his expensive jewelry. The ideal victims for this kind of crime are married men, as they are far less likely to report it to authorities. The women flatter and charm their victims until they are completely vulnerable. They then suggest one last drink back at their hotel or home.
Jacqui followed her "prey" seventeen miles to his home. He was unaware that in her purse was a small vial filled with a powerful muscle relaxant. Used in large doses, this drug is as lethal as a loaded .44 magnum. The drug used is an animal tranquilizer. When mixed with alcohol, in just a few minutes, the victims fall into a deep sleep for up to twenty-four hours.
The victim recalled waking up on the floor and feeling very sick. He checked his watch to see what time it was, only to find that it was missing. He soon discovered that his ring and wallet were missing as well. He started to piece together what had happened the night before. He soon realized that Jacqui had drugged his drink while he was not looking, and then robbed him after he passed out.
Fortunately, the victim remembered seeing Jacqui’s license plate on the drive home from the bar. The car had been rented, and her name was on the contract as “Jacqueline Edmonds” of San Antonio, Texas. A month later on November 24, 1986, she was arrested when she returned to her home. A detailed convention schedule was found there; it is believed that she targeted traveling businessmen who attended these conventions. Police noted that, although she was not the first person that they arrested for this type of crime, she was the first person they met who was involved in a ring of female thieves.
Police consider the crime ring to be quite sophisticated. The members have a way of fencing out the stolen jewelry and getting top dollar for it. They also have ways of fencing out stolen credit cards. They appear to have many connections to other criminal groups. Police noted that these crimes have increased in recent years; the thieves usually target several men in one area before moving on to different cities and states. This makes it difficult to track them down. They also make large amounts of money from these thefts, making it easier for them to elude capture.
The day after she was arrested, Jacqui posted $250 bail and was back on the streets. Then, she just disappeared. She currently has warrants for her arrest in St. Louis, Missouri; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Los Angeles, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Edmundson, Missouri. She is also being investigated by the United States Secret Service.
Authorities are also looking for other suspected “Rolex Robbers”, including: twenty-seven-year-old Carol Frances Fullwood; Chantell Lavero, who is wanted for robbery in Atlantic City; and twenty-nine-year-old Anna Dioria, who is also wanted for robbery in Atlantic City. Lavero and Dioria are believed to be partners. Authorities are warning traveling businessmen to steer clear of these women, lest they want to end up drugged, robbed, and possibly dead. They note that the woman are not doctors and do not know the "right" amount of the drug to give to someone without possibly killing them.
Extra Notes:

  • This case first aired on Special #2 which aired May 25, 1987.
  • The cases are also known as "Mickey Finn" robberies.
  • It was also featured on America’s Most Wanted.
  • It was excluded from Amazon Prime episodes.

Results: Unresolved. Shortly after the broadcast, Jacqueline Edmonds was arrested in Los Angeles, California. However, she disappeared after being released from custody. One year after the broadcast, she surrendered to the police. At the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, she turned herself in to Reverend S. Eugene Winn and a local news reporter. She told them that she had been recognized several times by people who had seen the broadcast. She said that she was tired of running; she also claimed that she was not a bad person and that the things people were saying about her were not true.
Edmonds pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of theft and was sentenced to five months in the county jail in Denton, Texas. She was later extradited to St. Louis to face felony charges of stealing. It is not known what sentence she received there.
Anna Dioria, whose full name is Mary Ann Dioria, was arrested after the broadcast. In 1989, she was convicted of theft and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Carol Fullwood, also known as Carol F. Argenzio, was also later arrested. After being released, she was arrested again in 1995 on unrelated charges. It is not known if Chantell Lavero was ever caught; as of a 1989 article, she was still at large.

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