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Ronald Denslow

Real Name: Ronald Estel Denslow
Aliases: Harry G. Ward, Albert K. Reed, Mark R. Ellis, Robert T. Neil
Wanted For: Embezzlement
Missing Since: November 1985


Details: Ronald Denslow is wanted in connection with embezzling money from a bank in Alma, Michigan, where he was vice president and chief loans officer. Denslow drew checks from a one million dollar line of credit. When his attempt to place money into two bogus accounts failed on November 7, 1985, he vanished. He took $110,000 with him, which he had acquired over a ten-month period. Eleven days later, his car was found abandoned at a nearby airport.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of a special alert in the February 22, 1989 episode, along with Walter Wenke.
Results: Captured. On August 7, 1989, Denslow was arrested in Gardnerville, Nevada, as a result of a viewer tip when the show was re-run in July. Denslow was working as a shipping supervisor at a paint manufacturing plant under the alias Ralph Joseph Westindorf. In September, he pleaded guilty to embezzlement and was sentenced to three years in prison. He has since been released.