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Real Name: Ronald Shan Oglesby
Aliases: None known
Wanted For: Rape
Missing Since: Unrevealed


Details: Ronald Oglesby is wanted for using a knife to assault a 31 year old graduate student in Columbia, Missouri. He has a previous history of rape charges, convictions and has spent time in mental institutions. At the time of the broadcast, he was 41 years old, 5'9" tall, and weighed between 140 and 160 lbs. He has blue eyes, red hair, and has worn beards and mustaches in the past.
Extra Notes: This case first aired as a part of a Rapist Roll Call on the January 12, 1994 episode. Also featured were Joseph Gardner and Dr. George Desmond Graham.
Results: Captured. Oglesby was arrested and sent to prison; he has since been released. He is currently a registered sex offender in Missouri.