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Real Names: Samuel Lee Glover and Marshall Kirkpatrick
Aliases: None Known
Wanted For: Child Molestation, Sexual Abuse
Missing Since: May 1994


Details: Finksburg, Maryland resident Samuel Glover lived in a motorhome just outside of Reisterstown, Maryland. In 1978, he received four foster sons and soon began physically and sexually abusing them. In 1984, Glover's lover, Marshall Kirkpatrick, moved in to their house and began sexually abusing the sons as well. In February of 1994, two were arrested and a grand jury indicted them on twenty-nine counts of child abuse and other sexual charges.
Then, in May of 1994, Glover and Kirkpatrick vanished while free on bail. The two have not been seen since.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 22, 1996 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
Results: Captured. On the night of the broadcast, a viewer in Knoxville, Tennessee recognized Kirkpatrick as a convenience store clerk. He was arrested without incident at the store on January 7, 1997. He was using the alias "Paul A. Williams Jr." Authorities next went to a trailer park where he said he was living with his father. However, the man who answered the door turned out to be Glover.
Glover and Kirkpatrick were flown back to Maryland to stand trial. In August of 1997, Kirkpatrick pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to thirty years in prison. In October, Glover pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to fifty years in prison.