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Sandra evans1

"Sandra Evans"

Real Name: Unrevealed, possibly Sandra Evans
Case: Amnesia
Date: 1992
Location: Richardson, Texas


Details: On May 14, 1992, a woman fainted at a bus station in Richardson, Texas. When she awoke in a hospital, she had no idea who she was or what had happened to her. Investigators received several leads about the woman, but nothing could be confirmed. She told the hospital workers that her name may be "Sandra Evans", but now, she is unsure if this is actually her name.
Interestingly, the tags on her luggage found with her have the name "Linda Kennedy" on it. She believes that the handwriting is hers, but the name is not. She had several personal affects in her suitcase, along with several photographs. One photograph is of her as a bride. Another is of two small children. Yet another is of a teenage girl, possibly a high school graduation portrait. Despite the clues, nobody could identify her.
Doctors believe that her amnesia is the result of some trauma, but Sandra has no idea what the trauma may have been. She fears that something bad happened to her several months ago.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the October 28, 1992 episode, after the update on another amnesia victim, Pierre April.

Carole ann with family

Carole Ann reunited with her family

Results: Solved. "Sandra's" sister saw the broadcast and identified her as Carole Ann Rozak, a native of London, Ontario. That night, she spoke with her sister and her thirteen-year-old daughter, who was the teenage girl in the photograph. She learned that she was divorced and had vanished six months earlier. She also learned that the small children in the other photograph are her sons, who are now teenagers.
Although the information about her past did not bring back any memories, she immediately prepared to leave and return to Canada, where her siblings and children would be waiting. On October 30, 1992, she left Texas and flew to London where she was reunited with her family. She now lives with her daughter in Milton, Ontario, and is undergoing therapy in hopes of recovering her lost memories.