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Real Name: Libby, last name unrevealed
Case: Lost Savior
Location: Houston, Texas
Date: 1982


Details: James Vernon is searching for a help hotline counselor named "Libby" who helped him to get off of drugs. James had been addicted to heroin since he was sixteen. In 1982, he was living in Houston, Texas, and still had serious heroin problems. In the past, he had entered several drug treatment programs, but nothing seemed to help.
One night, after taking some heroin, he noticed a billboard for a crisis hotline. He decided to call the number and spoke to a woman named Libby. He told her about his addiction and how nobody cares about him. He remembered that she had a nice, calming voice. He also remembered that she did not talk down to him, but instead wanted to let him know that she was there for him. She told him that it was not his fault; she urged him to get help for his addiction.
Over the next few months, he called Libby almost every night. However, he still could not get over his addiction. He even stole and sold jewelry from his own mother in order to buy some more heroin. His mother confronted him about it and later kicked him out. His ex-wife agreed to let him move back in with her and their son. He promised to do better, but he later went back to using heroin. She and their son moved and James was alone again.
At that point, he did not want to live anymore, so he planned to commit suicide by overdosing with heroin. He decided to call Libby one last time and told her how he was going to kill himself. She told him that he should not hurt himself and should get help before it is too late.
When he took his last hit of heroin, he thought he would die, but he did not. He joked to her that he couldn't even kill himself right. She then said that since "his way" did not work, he should try "her way" and go to treatment. He promised to her that he would finally get the treatment he needed.
James did, in fact, go to treatment and finally got the help he needed. Ten years later, he is now a successful stand-up comedian and lives a normal, drug-free life. He is now searching for Libby to thank her for helping to save his life.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the October 21, 1992 episode.
Results: Solved. Libby called the telecenter the night of the broadcast and talked to James, but she had to remain anonymous because she was still a counselor. He reports that he has been sober ever since thanks to her. Sadly, he passed away on March 12, 2011.