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Real Name: Unrevealed
Case: Lost Savior
Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
Date: March 17, 1996


Details: Rick and Donna Roberts were a married couple with two children, two-year-old Scott and ten-week-old Samantha. On the afternoon of March 17, 1996, they were heading home to Boston after a weekend trip to the New Hampshire mountains. They were driving along Route 128 near Waltham, Massachusetts when they collided with an out-of-control car.
Donna received minor injuries and was able to get out of the car and check on Scott and Samantha. Rick was more seriously injured and his door was stuck. Donna was able to get Scott out, but Samantha was trapped in her car seat. Donna was unable to open the door to get her out. For unknown reasons, most of the motorists drove by without stopping. Donna was nearly hit by several drivers as she tried to get Samantha to safety.
Within minutes of the accident, the car began to catch fire. An unknown man soon came to their aide and was able to get Samantha out of her car seat; seconds later, the car was fully engulfed in flames. In the chaos of the moment, Rick briefly spoke with Samantha's savior, but he left before they had a chance to thank him. Rick and Donna now want to find and thank him for saving Samantha's life. He was described as a dark haired man in his mid-thirties (in 1996) with a blue and white-striped shirt. He may have been driving a car with Connecticut license plates.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 2, 1997 episode.
Results: Unsolved