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Real Names: Unknown
Case: Lost Rescuers
Location: Newport, Rhode Island
Date: September 23, 1978


Details: Forty-one-year-old Colleen Frangione, the mother of two sons, has been paralyzed since 1978. She has spent the past fifteen years speaking to junior high school students about seat belt safety. She feels that through her speeches, she has helped to save lives. Now, she is searching for two men who saved her life during the accident that paralyzed her legs.
On September 23, 1978, Colleen was returning home from a night out in Newport, Rhode Island. Just before 1am, she was turning onto Rogers Road when she came to a complete stop. Unfortunately, a car filled with teenagers behind her did not stop and struck her from behind. Her car's twisting caused two of her vertebra to break and her to be knocked unconscious. Flames engulfed the car and Patty and Joe Trifero, who lived nearby, tried to help her out of it. Because of the flames, they were unsuccessful; then, two men appeared and told them to get a crowbar. They went to their garage; during this time, the two men pulled Colleen out and took her to the nearby sidewalk.
A third rescuer soon appeared; she took charge of the situation, telling the men to call 911 and get a blanket. He believed that Colleen was suffering from shock. Paramedics and firefighters arrived at the scene within minutes, however, the two men vanished. A few days later, Colleen regained consciousness and learned that she was paralyzed from the waist down. Four months later, she was released from the hospital. She went on to raise her sons as a single parent; in 1985, she remarried. Since then, she has always thought about the accident and the two men who helped saved her life.
Just after the accident, the hospital priest gave Colleen's parents what he thought was the name of one of the men, Ray Meyers. However, they couldn't find anyone with that name in the Newport area. Four years later, an acquaintance that Colleen met at a beauty salon told her that she believed that the other man's name was John. His nickname may have been J.J. and he was in the Navy. He had apparently been transferred to the West Coast. Attempts to locate them has been unsuccessful.

Ray, Colleen, and Mike reunited

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the December 1, 1993 episode.
Results: Solved. On the night of the broadcast, both of Colleen's rescuers were watching and called the telecenter. Their names are Ray Meyers and Mike Kane and they both live in the Providence, Rhode Island area.
On December 27, 1993, Colleen was finally able to thank Ray and Mike when she was reunited with them at her home in Florida.