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20006217 BG3

(From Left to Right) Beverly Guy, Chris Sherbert, Brian Lucas, and Scott Ponder

Real Names: Brian Thomas Lucas, Scott Dean Ponder, Beverly Elaine Guy, and Christopher Michael Sherbert
Nicknames: Shubie (Sherbert),
Location: Chesnee, South Carolina
Date: November 6, 2003


Details: On November 6, 2003, four employees were working at the Superbike Motorsports store in Chesnee, South Carolina. The employees were thirty-year-old owner Scott Ponder, his fifty-two-year-old mother, Beverly Guy, twenty-nine-year-old service manager Brian Lucas, and twenty-six-year-old mechanic Chris Sherbert. That afternoon, Scott's friend, Noel, spoke to him before he drove to the shop. About seven minutes later, he arrived at the store and found all four employees dead. Chris and Beverly were found in the back of the store, while Scott and Brian were found in the front. They all had been shot to death. It is believed that the murders took place at around 2:45pm.
A person of interest was seen by the store around the time of the murders who has never been identified. It is not known if that person was actually involved or if he may have witnessed something.

20006217 BG1

A composite sketch of the person of interest

Suspects: The person of interest was described as around 6'0", between 175 and 200 pounds, with dark brown and feathered hair. He was seen in the store shortly before the last customer left. The witness recalled that he was wearing a leather coat, which was strange since it had been a warm day. He was also looking at a motorcycle and appeared to not have any riding experience.
Investigators looked into the possibility that drugs may have been the motive for the murders. Chris was supposed to face drug charges in court the Monday after the murders. It was suspected that he may have been killed because he was going to turn state's evidence and testify against others. This theory has not been confirmed.
Scott's wife, Melissa, was also considered a possible suspect. DNA testing on their child reportedly determined that he was not the father; the real father was Brian. It was thought that the men were victims of a love triangle gone wrong. However, it later turned out that blood found at the crime scene was mislabeled, leading to an incorrect result. Further tests confirmed that Scott was the real father after all. Melissa was later ruled out as a suspect.
Extra Notes:

  •  This case was uploaded to the Unsolved Mysteries website on September 12, 2014. The person interviewed in the video is Brian's mother, Lorraine Lucas.
  • It was also profiled on America's Most Wanted during the investigation.

Todd Kohlhepp

Results: Solved. In August of 2016, a young couple named Charles Carver and Kala Brown vanished after going to work for a convicted sex offender named Todd Kohlhepp. In November, Kala was discovered alive in a shipping container on Kohlhepp's property; Charles was found deceased nearby.
On November 5, 2016, Kohlhepp confessed to the Superbike Motorsports Murders. He claimed that he had tried to return a bike there before, but the employees had made fun of him. According to Sheriff Chuck Wright, Kohlhepp gave details in his confession that only the killer would have known.
After his confession, Kohlhepp was charged with the four murders, along with the kidnapping of Kala Brown, the murder of Charles Carver, and those of Johnny and Meagan Coxie. In May 2017, he pleaded guilty to the murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault charges. He was given several consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.