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Susan jacobson

Susan Jacobson

Real Name: Susan Jacobson
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Staten Island, New York
Date: May 15, 1976


Occupation: Student
Date of Birth: February 5, 1962
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Marital Status: Dating
Characteristics: White female with long, light brown hair parted in the middle. She was wearing blue denim pants, blue sneakers with yellow shoelaces, and a white tube top or halter top with a long sleeve beige blouse over it. She also wore blue tinted wire frame glasses.


Details: Fourteen-year-old Susan Jacobson lived with her parents, Bill and Ellen, at 30 Anderson Avenue in Port Richmond, Staten Island, New York. She was the second-oldest of seven children and often babysat her younger siblings.
At 1pm on the afternoon of May 15, 1976, Susan left her home to interview for a job at Ralph's Ices, a local ice cream parlor at the intersection of Catherine Street and Port Richmond Avenue. When she did not return home for dinner, her parents contacted the police.
The police believed Susan had run away, possibly with her boyfriend. They told Bill they did not have the manpower to look for runaways. Her family, however, did not believe she ran away. They noted that she had no money on her when she left, was doing well in school, and had no apparent problems at home.
Dozens of family and friends searched for Susan. Two weeks later, Bill and Ellen called psychic Dorothy Allison and asked for her help. She said to them, "I know who you are. I know why you're calling me. Just give me your address, and I'll be there in 45 minutes."
Dorothy immediately went to Staten Island with her husband, Bob. She knew nothing about the case and had never met Susan's family. Ellen recalls that Dorothy was very down-to-earth. She thought that Dorothy would be like a gypsy woman who would lay out a deck of cards or read her hand. But that was not the case.
Dorothy immediately asked Ellen what the number 2562 meant to her. She said that Susan's birthday was February 5, 1962. Dorothy then asked about the number 408. However, Ellen did not know what it meant. Dorothy said it might be 405. Ellen said that Susan was born at 4:05. Dorothy next asked what "MAR" meant. Ellen had no idea.
Suddenly, Dorothy told Bill and Ellen that she needed to go to the police because she had had a vision of Susan being strangled by her boyfriend. She said Susan was at a place with "MAR" written in big, red letters. Dorothy went to the police and tried to explain but to no avail. The authorities were unwilling to work with a psychic, so Bill decided to go out on his own and investigate the many clues that Dorothy had come up with.
The clues included an abandoned car, the letters "MAR", an overpowering smell of oil, two sets of dual church steeples, dual smokestacks, two bridges close together (but one not for cars), swamps, and marshes. Bill, Ellen, and several friends searched a vast area of Staten Island. Bill notes that the clues were confusing because he could not tell if they occurred in the past, present, or future.
Three weeks after Susan's disappearance, Bill searched a place in the Port Ivory section of Staten Island called "Down-back". In the area is the abandoned Downey's Shipyard in Mariners Harbor (also known as Mariner's Marsh), which was active during World War I and II. While there, Bill found a rock that had "MAR" painted on it in red letters.
When Bill saw the letters, he was astounded and felt that it had to be the area that Dorothy described. He brought her there and showed her what he found. She said, "This is it. This is where your daughter is. Now we need the cops. We need the dogs. We need the bloodhounds. We need to drag through the swamps and the marshes." However, they had none of that.
Several friends joined Bill and Ellen in searching the area. They searched as much as they could by themselves. Bill felt they did a good search. However, they never found Susan.
Suspects: Dorothy claimed to have a vision of Susan being strangled by her boyfriend. However, it is not known if the police considered him a suspect at the time.
Extra Notes:

  • This case first aired on the May 6, 1988 Special #6 episode of Unsolved Mysteries focusing on psychic Dorothy Allison.
  • It was solved prior to the broadcast.
Dency hawkins susan jacobson

Dempsey Hawkins

Results: Solved - On March 25, 1978, twenty-two months after Susan's disappearance, three boys went muskrat hunting in Downey's Shipyard. Just 100 yards from the "MAR" letters, they found a twelve-foot shaft that led to an underground bunker. Once inside, they found Susan's skeletal remains in a 55-gallon oil drum. Bill had previously searched the bunker but turned back because it was full of water.
When Bill went to the place where Susan was found, he could see (almost all at the same time) dual church steeples, two smokestacks, the abandoned car, the Bayonne Bridge, a railroad bridge, and the rock with the letters "MAR". Susan was found in an oil drum, which could explain the smell of oil that Dorothy had mentioned.
Dorothy said that Susan was in water but did not drown. The autopsy revealed that Susan had been strangled; her body was then dumped at the bottom of a water-filled hole. Susan's family later criticized the police, believing that if they had helped in the search, Susan would have been found much sooner.
Ellen does not understand how Dorothy's abilities work. But, she said that if Dorothy told her to go outside and cross the street, she would do it. She was amazed at how Dorothy was able to accurately describe how Susan was murdered and where she was dumped.
On May 6, 1978, Susan's boyfriend, eighteen-year-old Dempsey Hawkins, was arrested and charged with her murder. The two had started dating in the summer of 1975. In January 1976, she became pregnant and had an abortion. Bill and Ellen recommended that Susan take a break from dating Hawkins. However, they continued seeing each other.
Bill believed Hawkins would not let Susan go and that she stayed with him out of fear. After Susan disappeared, Ellen asked Hawkins if he had seen her. He said no. He later "helped" search for her. Her family believes he purposefully led them away from the site where Susan's remains were later found. He also suggested that she had gone to Florida or Chicago.
At one point, Hawkins confessed to a friend and a cousin that he had strangled Susan. Then, in April 1977, he moved to Joppa, Illinois, to live with his father. When Susan's remains were found, Hawkins' friend and cousin went to the police about his confession. He was then arrested.
Prosecutors theorized that Hawkins lured Susan to Downey's Shipyard and killed her because he did not want their relationship to end. In February 1979, he was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to twenty-two years to life in prison. Interestingly, Dorothy had named him as Susan's killer nine months after she disappeared.
In June 1996, Hawkins wrote a letter to Bill and Ellen, confessing to Susan's murder and apologizing for what he had done. He said he did not want to break up with Susan and did not want her to be with anyone else. He made a plan to kill her. He convinced her to go with him to Downey's Shipyard. While there, they explored the underground bunker. When they sat down next to each other, he used the arm of his shirt to strangle her. He then picked up her body, put it in a barrel, and put the barrel next to the wall.
In 2000, Hawkins became eligible for parole. However, he was denied several times because he was considered too dangerous to be released. Susan's family repeatedly asked the parole board to keep him behind bars.
In August 2016, the parole board ruled that Hawkins could be paroled on the condition that he be deported to England, his home country. On January 23, 2017, he was paroled and deported to London after serving thirty-eight years in prison. He was fifty-six at the time.
In October 2018, it was discovered that Hawkins had joined an online dating site under the name "Dempsey Lewis". One woman said she met him during a speed dating event in Cambridge but decided she was not interested in him. However, she later received several "flirty" messages from him, even though she did not give him her number.
Hawkins sent the woman several messages over the next few weeks, although she did not respond to any of them. In one message, he said, "If you want to hang out with me in the middle of nowhere give me the green light." She only realized his true identity when she saw a story about him in the newspaper. She contacted the police, who told her there was nothing they could do. She became so afraid that he would discover her address that she began sleeping with a knife next to her bed. It is not known if he has reached out to her since.
Sadly, on October 31, 2006, Ellen passed away at the age of sixty-six.