I was stationed at Redstone and found it very interesting that what was wrote on his hand was in blue ink. Military only uses black. The room could be linked to his ex-girlfriend. Because he was a Lt. I don't believe he lived in the enlisted barracks. I remember them having the 0's before the number. Only was there once and thought it was unique to put the 0 in front of the room number.

My name now is Cynthia Messier.

Chad Langford Murder NOT FORGOTTEN

I was the person who originally contacted Unsolved Mysteries about this case. They wrote me a real nice letter stating that because of my due diligence, and the facts I gave them the segment was the longest aired at that time. I was very proud of that.

I had spoken both to his Grandmother and Father before writing the report to Unsolved. Neither one believed Chad would have killed himself. The position of the body, the fact he was tied up with his radio cord, the location of his body relative to the button that presumably was ripped off his uniform, and the location of his weapon all point to foul play and not suicide.

This case was murder, I was as sure of it then as I am now. Someone knows the truth. I would like to start a fund for anyone who can present evidence leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpertrator(s) of this crime.

I will add more as I can find crowd funding for the reward. I still want to know what happened to Chad Langford. I have some ideas, but I can't say without proof. 22:23, January 26, 2015 (UTC) Leah Wesolowski (Talley)