Request For Help[edit source]

Please help Robert Trendel.  laBride had just closed the store for the night but they were waiting for one last customer. On April 11, 1992  Patricia Smith and store owner Patricia Magers were waiting for a customer to come pick up an item. the bridal shop was located in a strip mall near Kellogg and Oliver. Aman came into the store but it wasn't who the women were expecting. the customer was the only eyewitness to ee the gunman. He was able to give a detailed description to forensic sketch artist. That sketch was later distributed among law enforcement and the public for information. Robert Trendel   'father of Patricia Smith needs closer to this very sad uncalled for murder.  He has not heard anything about the murder of his daughter for over 20 YEARS.' Please help us put the death of his daughter to rest. I do not know of any parent that could go through what this family has gone through. Please call your police department and lets get this case solved and closed. anyone know anything?  This is called the I-70 murders. My tears are always thier PLEASE HELP (moved from Kansas page by site creator, author unknown)

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