Detective Joseph decided to follow clues that led to a man from Washington State. Even though there was no evidence leading to this man other than a credit card receipt he choose to intimidate and harrass this man and after flying to another country to meet with this man he proceeded in saying this, " It is Christmas time woudn't you like to give a gift to this family and just confess to this crime, Open your heart and let there be closure to the family!!". Even though there is no eveidence leading to this man it also has made him a victim of this action, This man has spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees becasue of the malicious pursuit of Detective Joseph and the Bellinham Police Department.

Detective Joseph even had the Canadian Goverment enact a warrant that based on a lie to a judge took this mans DNA and Palm print against his will. The question is this, How far will officers go to find a conclusion to a problem? Does this mean that they can use international laws based on lies? Is there no oversight for over zeoulos officers that think they are above the law? This and many ofther questions will need to be answered in this and many other cases.

The question still remains if the police had done there job in the early days could they have found this girl? It is sad day for both the family and for the falslely accused individual who have been the ones to pay the price for this incident.