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Teryn hedlund

Teryn Hedlund

Real Name: Teryn Hedlund
Case: Medical Mystery
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: December 23, 1992


Details: In October 1992, Terry and Joline Hedlund's third child, Teryn, was born. Even though they were overjoyed by her birth, Joline felt uneasy and anxious. She felt that something was wrong with her. However, her doctors determined that she was healthy and sent her home on schedule. Within a short time, she began to refuse to drink her formula. It was the start of a frightening deterioration in her health.
The crisis point came in mid-November when six-week-old Teryn underwent surgery to correct two abdominal hernias. The routine procedure should have only taken two hours. However, after several hours had passed, her doctor informed Terry and Joline that she had to be taken to the ICU because her abdomen had been filling with fluid. Doctors believed that her liver was the problem.

Joline and terry hedlund

Terry and Joline were understandably worried about Teryn's health. They stayed with her every day for the next few weeks. On December 15, she was released from the hospital. Terry and Joline tried desperately to nurse her back to health. Unfortunately, lab tests later revealed that she had Wolman's disease. Her body lacked a critical enzyme; without it, her liver would shut down and she would die. There was no known cure for the disease. Two days before Christmas, Terry and Joline had a meeting with her pediatrician, Dr. Melvin Morse. He had the difficult task of telling them that she was going to die.
Terry and Joline broke down; they could not accept that they were going to lose Teryn. Heartbroken, they returned home with her. They were too overwhelmed to call anyone with the devastating news. However, at around 9:30pm that night, Terry's brother-in-law, Wayne Rogers, just happened to stop by for a visit. He later said that he had been inspired to come to their home. Earlier that night at around 8:45pm, he was laying in bed when he heard a clear disembodied voice that said, "Get up, go put your hand on Teryn's stomach and pray. She will be okay."
Wayne planned to follow the voice's instructions. However, he figured that he could wait until the following day, as he would be in the area for work. Then, the voice returned and loudly said, "Tomorrow is too late." He immediately left and went to the Hedlunds' home.
Once there, Wayne asked if he could be alone with Teryn. He then did as the voice said: he placed his hand on her abdomen and prayed for her to get better. When Terry asked why he was there, he simply said, "I'm here because I believe in miracles." He left soon after. Just hours later, Teryn began to drink her formula for the first time in weeks. On Christmas Day, although she still appeared sick, she continued to do so. In the coming weeks, she continued to grow stronger.
By spring 1993, Teryn was on her way to a complete recovery. As if by magic, her body began producing the missing enzyme. Soon, her liver began to function normally. When Terry asked Wayne why he visited, he told him and Joline about the voice. Although medical science does not have an explanation for Teryn's recovery, Terry and Joline believe that she was saved by a Christmas miracle.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the December 23, 1994 episode. It was also featured on Beyond Chance.
Results: Unsolved. Today, Teryn remains happy and healthy; she shows no signs of the incurable illness that once threatened her life, and she has been working as a nurse at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She has two healthy children. Sadly, Terry has since passed away from cancer.