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The monster from the book in the film.

Case File: The Baddaduk/Babadook
Description: The creature is described as about 7 feet tall with a shadowy face and body.
Location: Germany
Date: January 13, 1813


History: The Baddaduk is a legendary and somewhat mythical monster from Germany, who reportedly murders people after reading a "sketchily-drawn" book in childish rhyme called, "The Baddaduk." According to legend, the monster was first sighted in 1813, when it killed his first, and hopefully last, victim. During the murder, a person in the house overheard what they described as "a piercing shriek." The book was apparently burnt down in a fire, but other versions of the legend is that it was burnt by the German government. The actual historical facts of this incident are unrevealed.
Background: There are no origins for the Baddaduk which has been variously called a local version of Bigfoot or even an early superstition involving Death as a spirit. Theory mostly dismissed the legend as just an unfortunate coincidence, as the man killed was old at the time, and could have died of old age after reading the book. Devotees of the legend, however, insist the "piercing shriek" suggests an actual evil spirit.
Investigations: None
Extra Notes: This case was not covered by Unsolved Mysteries.
A movie on this legend, "The Babadook," was released in 2013.
Results: Unsolved, possibly Inapplicable

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