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Robert, William Jr., and Mary Donnels

Real Names: Robert, Mary Ann, William Jr. and Thomas Donnels
Case: Lost Children
Date: 1968
Location: Rochester, New York

Thomas Donnels


Details: Uta Collins of Ft. Washington, Maryland is searching for her four children from her first marriage. She has not seen them since 1968 when they moved to Rochester, New York with their father. All of the children have the last name Donnels. Robert was born around 1963. Mary Ann was born around 1964. William Jr. was born around 1965. Thomas was born around 1967.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of a Lost Love Roll Call in the December 23, 1992 episode. Also featured were Mickey Allen Samson and Fu Teed Wong.
Results: Solved - Uta was reunited with her children shortly after the segment went to air. Not much more is known about their reunion.
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