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Real Name: Unrevealed
Case: Lost Family
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Date: October 2, 1961


Details: Terris Christie Derby is searching for her birth family after she was abandoned in a car as an infant. On the evening of October 2, 1961, Earl Boettcher, his wife, and their youngest son, Major Alan, left Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida after visiting another one of their sons. When Major got to their car, he discovered a baby laying on the back seat. At first, his parents thought he was joking, but they soon saw her for themselves. They then took her into the hospital to be examined by doctors. She was healthy, no more than seventy-two hours old, and weighed eight-and-a-half pounds.
Local papers called the abandoned baby "Baby Girl X". She lived in foster homes for five-and-a-half months before she was adopted by William and Mary Lou Christie of Tallahassee. They named her Terris, "Terri" for short. She grew up happily, loved by William, Mary Lou, and her older brother and sister. She always knew she was adopted, but it wasn't until she was a teenager that she asked William and Mary Lou about her birth family. Mary Lou was reluctant to tell her the truth, but she eventually told her what had happened. After going to the library, they found several articles about her abandonment.
Terri believed that her birthmother was probably scared and cared for her because she left her in a place that she would be found safe. She believes that her birthmother may have been watching from the parking lot to make sure that she would be found. She is now thirty-two-years-old and the mother of two young children. She wants to learn about her past and birth family. She is bothered about not knowing the exact circumstances of her birth, such as the time, date, and place. She also wants her children to know about their heritage and roots.
Terri also wants to find the Boettchers. The husband's name is Earl. His wife's name is unknown. They had four sons, the youngest being Major Alan.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the February 2, 1994 episode.

(from left) Paul, Cecelia, Terri, and Phillip reunited

Edith Campbell

Results: Solved. As a result of the broadcast, Terri was saddened to learn that her birthmother, Edith Campbell, had passed away on August 17, 1993. She learned from a relative that Edith was in a dire financial situation and was forced to abandon her. However, she was happy to learn that she had a sister named Cecelia Beyer and three brothers named Phillip, Paul, and Chris Campbell. They were happy as well; they never even knew she existed.
On July 8, 1994, Terri went to a hotel in Miami, Florida, where she was reunited with Phillip, Paul, and Cecelia. They felt an immediate connection when they met. At the reunion, Terri and Mary Lou finally saw a picture of Edith. Chris was unable to attend, but he and Terri met the following day.
Terri later remarried and took the last name "Grimes". Sadly, she passed away in 2011 at the age of forty-nine. She was survived by her four biological siblings, adoptive brother, and two children. Mary Lou passed away in 2004.