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Russell and jean johnson

Russell and Jean Johnson

Real Name: Unrevealed
Case: Lost Friend/Benefactor
Date: November 1985
Location: Florida


Details: Russell and Jean Johnson were from Michigan and had four children. Russell was a fire chief but was forced to retire early due to a heart attack. Later, they moved to Florida. Despite some health problems, they managed to make ends meet. However, after Russell's open heart surgery and Jean's battle with cancer, their financial resources were depleted. Still, their lives were routine and uneventful.
One day in November of 1985, Russell was working in the garage when Jean came in. A somewhat disheveled man was outside, asking for some work to do so that he could eat. Russell met with him outside, telling him that he would give him something to eat, but he would not have to work for it. Jean made some sandwiches for him and got him some iced tea.
The man told Russell and Jean that he had come from Houston but could not find work. They sat together for a few minutes. Before he left, Russell and Jean decided to give him about $5 to help him out, even though they did not have much to begin with. They said goodbye to him. A few seconds later, they walked to the back of the house to wave to him but found that he had vanished.
As a result of their kindness, the stranger apparently sent Russell and Jean a check for $500 inside a Christmas card. They went to the bank, and the manager confirmed that the check was legitimate. They asked around, but nobody admitted to sending the money. For the next four years, they continued to receive $500 checks at Christmas time. In total, they received $2500 from an unknown stranger. All of the cards had been mailed from the Orlando area. They now want to find him to thank him. They believe that, perhaps, he may have also been their guardian angel.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the December 23, 1992 episode.
Results: Unsolved. Sadly, Russell passed away on September 26, 2002 at the age of seventy-seven, and then Jean passed away on October 20, 2018 at the age of ninety-one. It is unknown if they ever found their benefactor.