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Area in Kazakhstan where UFO sighting occurred

Case File: Kazakhstan UFO
Location: Kazakhstan
Date: January 27, 1994
Description: Unrevealed


History: In Kazakhstan, a Tajik Airlines pilot named Captain Edward Rhodes and his two co-pilots claimed on January 27, 1994 that they encountered a UFO at 41,000 feet in a Boeing 747. The light from the object was of great and bright intensity, and the object went past the plane at higher speeds and altitudes than the plane was flying. They sighted the object for over 40 minutes as it maneuvered in circles, corkscrews and made 90 degree turns. The object then went horizontally upward and disappeared. Although some believe that there was a natural explanation for the mysterious sighting, Rhodes is convinced that the object was extraterrestrial.
Background: None
Investigations: The Oceanic, Environmental, and Scientific Affairs believed that the mysterious object was a meteor that was skidding in and out of the atmosphere.
Extra Notes: This case has not been featured on "Unsolved Mysteries." Episode summaries including it as a part of the September 18, 1994 episode may be confusing it with The Allagash Abductions segment.
Results: Unsolved