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Debby, Sherry, and Terri Price

Real Names: Debby, Sherry, Terri and Jimmy Price
Case: Lost Siblings
Location: Michigan
Date: 1964


Details: Eugene Price is searching for his three sisters, Debby, Sherry, and Terri, and brother, Jimmy. In New York City in spring 1953, Harley "Smoky" Price, a navy veteran working as a roofer began dating his coworker's daughter, Roni. She was just sixteen at the time; she had no idea that he was already married with a child of his own. Within a year, she gave birth to her oldest son, Dean; ten months later, Eugene was born. She and Harley married afterward. Within the next six years, she had three daughters: Debby, Sherry, and Terri. They eventually settled outside of Detroit, Michigan.

Harley was an alcoholic and was often violent with Roni and the children. They were always in fear of his outbursts. On several occasions, he took the children with him when he went to the local bars. He would lock them in the car for several hours in the cold weather. He would also use them as "pawns" in a game with Roni. He would intimidate them and claim that they wanted to stay with him if he and Roni divorced.
In 1963, Jimmy was born; he had serious heart problems. He was in and out of the hospital for more than a year. In 1964, the Price home was struck by lightning and destroyed by fire. Roni decided that she could no longer tolerate Harley's abuse; a friend helped her flee back to New York City.
A week later, Roni realized the problems of her escape; her children were most likely being abused and neglected by Harley. She contacted a social service worker, who claimed that the only way she could have her children back would be if she returned to Harley. She would not do so because she feared that he would kill her.
A social service representative stepped in to protect the children; Debby, Sherry, Terri, and Jimmy were sent to the St. Vincent Sara Fisher Home, an orphanage outside of Detroit. Eugene and Dean stayed with Harley. A few months later, he took them to the orphanage to visit Debby, Sherry, Terry, and Jimmy. They were convinced that they would soon be back together. However, sadly, that was the last time they ever saw each other.
A few months later, Eugene and Dean were taken from Harley and placed in the foster care system. Eugene later served in the Army, but eventually settled down and started a family. In 1971, he and Dean were reunited with Roni. Twelve years later, Harley passed away.
Roni, Eugene, and Dean now want to be reunited with Debby, Sherry, Terri, and Jimmy.

Price family reunited

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the February 3, 1993 episode.
Results: Solved. On the night of the broadcast, Sherry McClellan recognized herself and her siblings and called the telecenter. Sadly, Jimmy died of heart trouble in 1973, but Eugene was happy to learn that Debby, Sherry, and Terri were looking for them as well. On February 7, 1993, he, Roni, and Dean were joyfully reunited with them.
Sadly, Roni passed away in 2003.
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