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Lois Cappoziello

Real Name: Unrevealed
Case: Lost Sister
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: November 1963


Details: On July 21, 1995, in Altadena, California, Lois Cappoziello was reunited with her grandmother, Marjorie Kim. She believed that her thirty-two year search was over until learned she had a twin sister she never knew existed. She learned that in November 1963, when her mother, Judy, was about to give birth to her, a debate began between her parents whether to give her up for adoption or not. Her father, John, who was Marjorie's son and died in 1979, did not want her. Although Marjorie wanted to adopt her, Judy's parents would not allow it. When Lois and her sister were born, Marjorie was told from Judy's sister that she have given birth to twins but Lois' sister had died at birth and Lois lived and was given up for adoption.

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Then, when they were reunited, Marjorie asked Lois why she never came back, even though Lois had never been to her house before. Lois then learned that in the late 1970s, a girl came to Marjorie's house asking for Judy Kim, but she told her that there was nobody there by that name. The girl then left in a car with a young man; after they left, Lois' cousin, Derek, said that the girl looked very similar to "Uncle John" and Marjorie and Derek realized that this was probably the girl that John had given up for adoption years earlier. After she heard the story, Lois believed that the girl might have been her twin sister.
They now believe that Lois' family was told that the twin had died in order for them to give the twins up for adoption separately. Lois could not locate a death certificate for her sister, making her believe that she is still alive. She was surprised when she contacted her birth mother's family and learned that an almost identical situation took place; a young girl arrived at their house at around the same time she arrived at the Kims.
Lois and Marjorie are now looking for Lois' long lost twin sister, who was believed to have been born at St. Anne's Maternity Hospital on either November 8 or 13, 1963, and may now look very similar to Lois. She was probably sixteen or seventeen when she visited the Kims and would today be fifty-three-years-old.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 8, 1996 episode. Some sources have her last name spelled "Capozziello".
Results: Unsolved. Lois' sister has never been located; there is still the possibility that she did die at birth and that the incident in the 1970s was merely a coincidence.