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Real Names: Stacy Kathleen McCall, Suzanne Elizabeth Streeter, and Sherrill Elizabeth Levitt
Nicknames: Suzy (Streeter)
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Date: June 7, 1992


Occupation: Cosmetologist (Sherrill)
Date of Birth: April 23, 1974 (Stacy)/ March 9, 1973 (Suzanne)/ November 1, 1944 (Sherrill)
Height: 5'3 (Stacy) / 5'2 (Suzanne) / 5'0 (Sherrill)
Weight: 120 pounds (Stacy) / 102 pounds (Suzanne) / 110 pounds (Sherrill)
Marital Status: Single (Stacy and Suzanne) / Divorced (Sherrill)
Characteristics: Caucasian females. Dark blonde hair that has lightened at the ends due to sun exposure and blue eyes. Off-center cleft on chin. Freckles on her face and birthmarks near her lip and right arm (Stacy). Bleached blonde hair and brown eyes (Suzanne and Sherrill). Scar on her right forearm, a tumor on the left corner of her mouth and large-sized teeth with no past dental work (Suzanne). Freckles on neck and upper chest (Sherrill). Stacy and Suzanne both had pierced ears, with the latter having two in her left ear.


Details: On June 6, 1992, best friends Stacy McCall and Suzanne Streeter graduated from Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri. They arrived at the home of Stacy's mother, Sherill Levitt, around 2am the next morning and were never seen again. When authorities arrived there, nothing appeared to be disturbed other than the porch light being smashed. That same day, a witness saw a man telling a woman matching Suzanne's description to "not do anything stupid". An unidentified transient was seen near the house shortly before the disappearances, but authorities don't know whether or not it was connected to this case.
Suspects: Kidnapper and murderer Robert Craig Cox is considered a suspect in this case, and gave several strange statements to police after the disappearances.
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Results: Unsolved. Sherrill and Suzanne were declared legally dead in 1997, but they have still not been located.