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Thomas wright

Real Name: Thomas Wright
Case: Unusual Phenomenon
Location: Laddonia, Missouri
Date: September 16, 1995


Details: On September 16, 1995, Thomas Wright had a horrific nightmare about his mother, Doris Smith, who is a deputy sheriff. In the nightmare, he saw her being attacked by a prisoner that she was transporting. He saw that the prisoner was trying to get a hold of Doris' gun. Suddenly, a shot rang out and he woke up. He didn't know who was shot, but believed that Doris might have died, and began to pray for her. Their bond was extremely close ever since he was little. He believes that it may cause one to feel the other's pain.

Doris smith1

The next day, Doris transported a female prisoner from one jail to another on a trip that was supposed to last four hours. The prisoner was serving a one-year sentence for writing bad checks. While they were on Highway 4 near Laddonia, Missouri, events would unfold just like in Thomas' nightmare. Doris began talking to the prisoner at around 6pm when the squad car stopped, and the prisoner began to attack Doris. She bit Doris' hand and then struck her in the head with a walkie-talkie in the front seat. She slipped her hands out of the handcuffs and went to get a hold of Doris' gun, and they began fighting to gain control of it.
Then, out of nowhere, two men wearing shorts and white t-shirts appeared. They distracted the prisoner and were able to relinquish her control on Doris' gun. They then helped Doris put the handcuffs back on the prisoner and put her back in the squad car. Some believe that they appeared there by coincidence, but Thomas and Doris believe that some mysterious unknown force was at work. By the time that Doris was able to get the prisoner back in the car, the two men had disappeared. She wants to thank them for saving her life.
The two men have never been found; the only clues to their identity were that they were two white males driving in a blue pre-1995 Chevy CK pickup truck with tinted windows and an extended cab and towing a blue-and-white boat on a trailer.
Extra Notes: This case first aired as a part of the May 28, 1999 episode.
Results: Unsolved