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During the creation of this site, I have run aground cases which I have listed directly from the series and other media attributing those segments as appearing on Unsolved Mysteries. (In the Forensic Files episode on Ryan Stallings, they reshowed a portion of the Unsolved Mysteries footage.) In some cases, spellings of names may be in doubt and locations may be in doubt, especially when referring to a case mentioned in other media. When the series ran on Lifetime and even now on Spike, they reused and mixed up segments from several seasons, much more thoroughly confusing the effort to identify airdates. At any rate, I need original episode airdates for the following segments:

Dimitrick Moore - the missing youth whose body was found hidden in the car of his mother
Tim Barry - the man who shot and killed Nancy Brown after a fight with his wife - Aired 11/7/94
Brian Broughfield - wanted for illegal marijuana farm in Orleans County, Virginia
Tracy Jo Shine - vanished before she could testify before her drug-pushing boyfriend
John Cheek - missing CEO from Memphis, Tennessee - Aired 4/20/94
Carrie Culberson - missing after fight with her boyfriend who was convicted of her murder
Elizabeth Bersanetti - she's looking for her father
Amadeo Marcelo - son of a Jordanian native who vanished in the USA - Aired 11/5/95
Strip Mall Killer - raped several women in a strip mall in unidentified city
Melissa George - an abducted infant from an unidentified city
Leo Cisneros - wanted in the murder of Dr. Louis Davidson
La Posada - haunted hotel built around the Staab Mansion in New Mexico - Aired 10/2/94

If you can identify any of these cases, you can contact me on my talk page here or add the dates to this pages directly.