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Real Name: William Herman McGeehee
Aliases: Joe Anthony Popp, Baldy
Wanted For: Drug Trafficking
Missing Since: 1985


Details: Forty-one-year-old William McGeehee is the alleged ring leader of a multi-million dollar drug operation. He vanished in 1985 after being indicted by a Michigan grand jury. He is a golf fanatic and used part of his drug habits to buy the Thornapple Creek golf course in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Extra Notes: This segment originally ran in a roll call on the April 11, 1990 episode, after a segment featuring Salvatore Caruana. Also featured in the roll call were Lavada Floyd, Richard Joseph Alvarado, and Alvaro Zapata.
Some sources spell his last name as "McGehee".
Results: Captured. In January of 1992, McGeehee was arrested in Bozeman, Montana. He was additionally charged with federal racketeering, and running a criminal enterprise. The drug charges were dropped as a part of a plea agreement and Federal seizure of the Thornapple Creek golf course.