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Yefim shubentsov

Yefin Shubentsov

Real Name: Yefim Shubentsov
Occupation: Alternative Healer
Place Of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Date Of Birth: June 25, 1940
Location: Boston, Massachusetts


Background: Yefim Shubentsov is an immigrant from Moscow, Russia also known as "The Mad Russian." He came to Boston, Massachusetts in 1980 and claiming to be a "bio-energy healer" and using bio-energy to help people overcome various addictions, such as smoking, drinking, and overeating. He has also helped people with chronic pains and phobias, such as heights, needles, and flying. So far, he has helped heal thousands of people, including Billy Joel, Drew Barrymore, David Arquette and Courtney Cox-Arquette. With a mere wave of his hand, he can apparently change a person forever.
Yefim claimed that he received the bio-energy when he was a young man in Russia. A paranormal researcher told him that he had a high energy field. The researcher convinced him to come to his laboratory to complete some tests. While there, he discovered that he could bring plants back to life and cure pains from migraine headaches. However, he does not know how exactly he does it. Two Harvard physicians ran a formal medical trial with Yefim. They had him work with several patients that had various phobias. The physicians watched him during his sessions. He was able to cure at least 85% of the patients. They concluded that his powers are genuine and that he really helped the patients.
However, skeptics believe that any benefits from Yefim's "healings" are mainly just placebo effects. During the story, a woman was cured of smoking while the other stopped overeating. The two participated in a group session, where he talked for several hours, then had one-on-one sessions where he cured each of them.
Case Files:

  • Miranda Beeson - a successful New York businesswoman who was unable to quit smoking. She went to Boston to meet with Yefim for a session. She joined a dozen others from a group session. Afterwards, she and Yefim had a one-on-one session. She felt that he used his energy to help remove her pain. After her session, her desire for cigarettes disappeared.
  • Louise Cole - a single mother from Florida who began to overeat after her children became ill. She felt that the food helped comfort her when dealing with her children's medical problems. She tried several diets to help, but none were successful. She decided to visit Yefim. After her session, she immediately felt different. Within three months, she had positive results: she lost almost twenty pounds. She continues to lose weight.

Notes: The person was featured as a part of the July 26, 2001 episode.